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A great name is important. An effective, technology-friendly name is a must in 2017.

We use our proven naming process to create a unique, internet friendly, memorable name for your company.

This name will embody the essence of the company—while we ensure that it is a completely unique word, not found anywhere on the internet. This ensures that your company is easily found and cannot be mistaken.


In the internet era, a proper logo should include a “logo icon” along with a “wordmark” that is scale-able—from the smallest screen to a large billboard. This is equally as important as the name when creating a recognisable, memorable brand.

As with the name, your logo is created to capture the core of your company, the ethos, the spirit, the collective soul.


Your logo is designed using specific technical rules, mathematical equations, and principals—ensuring that it properly translates from print to web.

Philosophy Statement

A philosophy statement is the third element in creating a proper business identity. Unlike a simple “slogan” or “tagline”, a philosophy statement is a thoughtful, meaningful way of communicating the heart of your brand—the ethos, spirit, and collective soul of your organisation.

A philosophy statement should speak to everyone—from the CEO, to the company staff, suppliers, and customers alike. Everyone should feel the meaning personally and be able to identify viscerally with your organisation’s Philosophy

For more information about our approach to branding, please see our blog post What is our Approach to Technology-Friendly Branding and Identity?

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For more information and pricing examples, please see our blog post How are Names, Logo Studies, and Philosophy Statements Priced?