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Whether creating a website, catalogue, brochure, or any other promotional material, great photography makes a difference.


When creating a website, catalogue, or brochure, an accurate, well presented view of your product is essential. This is often your only chance to show your product and entice buyers. Make it count!

Products are photographed in high resolution, generally on a simple background. This provides clear, clean photos of your product.

Use these high resolution photos for print and your website. High quality photos will allow your customers to zoom in on your products, which is an increasingly important and expected feature.


Editorial photography is used to add artistic flare to your material. Unlike product photography, which is specifically used to accurately show the details of the product, editorial photography is creative and meant to simply add some beauty to your catalogue and website.

These are the photos that will engage your customers and add interesting visual elements to your printed and web material.


Location photography is primarily desired by businesses open to the public, such as restaurants or stores. However, this is also a useful tool for businesses that want to show off parts of their facility or equipment.

Location photography is used to capture engaging photos of your place of business. If you own a restaurant for example, you will want warm, inviting photos of your location—giving people a reason to visit you.

Staff photos are also important, they help those potential customers connect with the real people at your business.


We work with more than one photographer, which allows us to offer different levels of services—according to your needs and budget.

For more information about photography, please read our blog post Why is Photography so Important?

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