What is a Brochureware Website and What Does it Cost?

What is a Brochureware Website and What does it Cost 2



What is a Brochureware Website and What Does it Cost?

A Brochureware Website is as it suggests, an online brochure. We define a Brochureware website as any site that stops short of E-commerce, which would include a shopping cart. Brochureware, however, can still include limitless features and be just as complex.

With our experience and technical know-how, we design and build Brochureware websites of any size and complexity. From a simple 1 page website outlining information about your business, to a comprehensive, multi-page project with integrated functions, we can expertly accommodate the needs of any business.

The needs, budgets, and goals vary from business to business. Therefore, so will the intricacy of the solution. The size of business, the type of business, and what the business hopes to achieve with an online presence, are all variables.

Because we build every website on the WordPress platform, the number of available functions and possibilities is almost endless. Therefore, we can include such functions as integrated social media, integrated newsletters, events calendars, and much more. Rather than spending extra time and money coding, we purchase ready-made, available plug-ins. Learn more about plug-ins in our post Why do we use WordPress?

Although using plug-ins is the economical choice for adding features to your website, they do still require work and expertise to integrate into your website. This, in turn, does add to the cost of a Brochureware website.

A standard Brochureware website will include: A professionally designed website with easy navigation, search engine optimisation (SEO), 1 basic – 1 hour WordPress orientation session teaching you the basics of how to use your website, and as always, our one-on-one working style.

The pricing guides below illustrate what you can expect to pay for a Brochureware Website. Listed are several examples of common websites.

Please contact us for a precise quote.

Brochureware Foundations

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All-in Brochureware

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Build your own Brochureware

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