What is a Complete Visual Branding Package and Why do we Recommend it?

What is a Complete Visual Branding Package and Why do we Recommend it 2



What is a Complete Visual Branding Package and Why do we Recommend it?

A Complete Visual Branding package is the most effective choice when creating a brand.

Our branding packages include either two or all three recommended brand elements. A complete package would include a name, logo, and philosophy statement and is the ideal scenario. However, this solution may not always be appropriate. For example, if your business already has a well established name, but needs a logo and philosophy statement, a package of 2 services is perfect for you.

Whether you choose a package of two services or decide to go ahead with full branding, approaching your brand job this way is beneficial for several reasons: First, bundling services saves time, as we work concurrently on at least two tasks. Therefore, we are able to complete simultaneous studies for multiple brand implementations—such as a logo study and naming study. This allows us to offer you package pricing—saving you money and time.

Another important advantage of designing all elements together is that we achieve a more cohesive, effective overall brand identity.

You may choose to bundle any 2 services: Name and logo, logo and philosophy statement, or name and philosophy statement. Or, choose a Complete Visual Branding package including a comprehensive brand identity: name, logo, and philosophy statement. Full packages also either include a Brand Bible/Style Guide or a discount for the Brand Bible.

The Brand Bible/Style Guide is an important manual for your brand. The Brand Bible will show you how to use your brand properly, taking the guesswork out of implementation. See our post What is a Brand Bibles/Styles Guide? for more information.

As explained in our post How are Names, Logo Studies, and Philosophy Statements Priced?, pricing varies according to company size. There are several reasons for this, as the branding requirements for a small local business differs significantly to those of a large, multinational company with global reach.

The pricing guides below illustrate examples of what you can expect to pay for packages of either 2 services or full packages of all 3 services. These prices are estimates only, services are priced on a case by case basis.


Pricing Guide for Any 2 Services

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Pricing Guide for Full Branding Packages

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