What is an E-commerce Website and What Does it Cost?

What is an E-commerce Website and What Does it Cost 2



What is an E-commerce Website and What Does it Cost?

An E-commerce Website is a system that allows people to purchase products or services online. Most E-commerce websites include a shopping cart and payment system as basic functions. E-commerce websites, however, can be much more intricate—including several functions such as automated shipping, inventory control, integrated newsletters, social media, and many others. Web stores also vary in size, from a few simple products, to hundreds or thousands of complicated offerings in various colours and sizes.



How do we build E-commerce?

Our E-commerce websites are built on the WordPress platform, using Woocommerce. WordPress allows us to easily customise the solution, tailoring your website to your business and needs.

To add extra functions to your website, we use plug-ins. Plug-ins are ready-made tools that make adding features easier and less expensive than with custom coding. Including extra functions, however, does add to the cost of your website. Although we do use plug-ins as the economical choice, extra features do require more time to set up and test. If several features are added to your website, custom coding can also be required should there be conflicts between the plug-ins. WordPress and plug-ins are explained further in our post Why do we use WordPress?

Other Important Costs to Consider

Now that we have the framework, we need content. Creating the content of your website can be the most expensive and time consuming portion of the project. A successful product based E-commerce website must include basic elements to be competitive—product photography and written content. These components are extremely important and must be done well. Including several accurate photos and lengthy descriptions of each product is important for many reasons: People want to know what they are buying, and you need to provide as much information as possible. Also, good photography and information conveys that your business is professional and legitimate, which in turn will give consumers more confidence. Finally, a proper amount of content will greatly improve your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Along with photography and written content, each product also needs to be “created” with all relevant information added. Again, when we add features we often need to add more information to each product. For example: You have decided to include automated shipping. Now each product and variation needs to be individually weighed and measured. Then, these weights and measurements need to be entered into the system for each individual product or variation. This will add time and cost to your project, but may be an important investment.

Finally, as with most projects, an E-commerce website can be done the cheap way or the proper way. To be competitive, you need every advantage possible. Investing in good photography and writing is important; However, it can be expensive, depending on the number of products and variations you offer. Expect to pay $300 – $500 per product for good work, and budget as much as possible for creating good content.


The pricing guides below illustrate examples of what you can expect to pay for an E-commerce website.

*Please note* Prices below include basic shopping cart functions only. Adding extra functions/plug-ins will increase the price, which can vary significantly, depending on the types and number of functions. Please see our post Why do we use WordPress? for more information about plug-ins.

Prices do not include written content or product photography.


E-commerce Foundations

*prices DO NOT include written content or product photography*

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E-commerce all-in

*prices DO NOT include product photography*

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E-commerce Build your Own

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