How are Names, Logo Studies, and Philosophy Statements Priced?

How are Names Logo Studies and Philosophy Statements Priced 2



How are Names, Logos, and Philosophy Statements Priced?

The processes for creating Names, Logos, and Philosophy Statements are all quite similar and generally require a comparable amount of work.

The price for each of these processes, however, changes according to the size of the company. The cost directly correlates with the number of people who will be viewing the brand and places it will be implemented. The wider the audience, the more diligence and research is required during the process.

There are other significant differences between the branding process for a small local business with a staff of 3-4 people, and a large multinational organisation with hundreds of employees and global reach.

Why do the Prices Change According to Company Size?

We believe that smaller companies on a budget deserve a professional, effective brand. Although we take the same care as we would a brand for a large business, we work within a shorter time frame, stick to less complicated choices, with sensible edits. This allows us to create a great brand, within a reasonable budget.

For a larger company, we spend more time researching, editing, and perfecting. Because the brand will be viewed by thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in hundreds or thousands of different implementations, much more work is necessary to make sure the brand is suitable for all possible applications.

Once the studies have been completed, the artwork perfected, and your new brand is ready to be unveiled, we suggest a Brand Bible/Style Guide. This is a guidebook prepared for you; setting out the rules for your brand. Implementation of your brand is important, and this guide will show you how to use it properly. Please see our post What is a Brand Bible/Style Guide?

Below is a general pricing guide outlining the costs to create either a name, logo, or a philosophy statement, including the estimated number of hours spent per company size. Please note that this is a guide only, projects are priced on a case by case basis.

Whenever possible, we prefer to work to create 2, or ideally, all 3 elements at the same time. This is also the most cost effective method, as much of the study work can be amalgamated. Please see our post What is a Complete Visual Branding Package and why do we Recommend it?


Pricing Guide for EITHER 1 Naming Study, or 1 Logo Study, or 1 Philosophy Statement

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